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This perfume is designed for men who pursue a rich oriental scent. It uses a variety of precious oriental spices to give you a mysterious and charming feeling.

Top notes: Bergamot, citrus, cardamom

Middle notes: Sandalwood, agarwood, patchouli

Base notes: Vanilla, amber, musk

The opening of this perfume is a fresh scent of bergamot, citrus, and cardamom, which is sure to invigorate you. The middle notes are the rich scent of sandalwood, agarwood, and patchouli, which are full of mystery and charm. The base notes are the warm scent of vanilla, amber, and musk, which provide a lasting finish.

This perfume is suitable for any occasion, including business, dating, and gatherings. It is the perfect way to express male charm and confidence.

Specific descriptions:

  • Top notes: The scent of bergamot, citrus, and cardamom is like the hustle and bustle of an oriental market, fresh and bright.
  • Middle notes: The scent of sandalwood, agarwood, and patchouli is like the incense of an ancient temple, rich and mysterious.
  • Base notes: The scent of vanilla, amber, and musk is like warm sunshine, cozy and comfortable.

Reasons to buy:

  • Rich oriental scent
  • Suitable for any occasion
  • Simple and elegant packaging
  • Moderate price

Recommended for:

  • Men who like rich oriental scent
  • Men who pursue male charm and confidence

Here are some additional descriptions that can be added as needed:

  • The perfume's longevity is approximately 8 hours.
  • The perfume bottle is made of high-quality glass material with delicate gold accents.
  • The perfume is moderately priced, making it an ideal gift choice.

I hope this translation is helpful.

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